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A new name in food is bringing a familiar taste of quality and value to Fareham.

Grape Tree, which specialises in what it likes to call “feel good” food, has been launched by the team that created the hugely successful brand Julian Graves.

The new national chain specialises in a dried fruits like apricots, a wide range of nuts and seeds, home baking products as well as “old fashioned” sweets and confectionery.

Founded just 2 years ago the new company is on course to open its seventy fifth outlet by the end of this year. It’s new store will create four more new jobs.

The man behind the project is entrepreneur Nick Shutts who launched the Julian Graves chain and built it into a brand with 350 shops across the nation.

Julian Graves was sold in 2008 to NBTY Europe, which owns Holland and Barrett. And the company name disappeared from the High Street in August 2012.

Now Nick is working once again with his partner Nigel Morris and the pair have opened a new headquarters in the West Midlands.

Nick said “It’s great to be back. Many of our old team have come together again and we are once again based in the heart of the West Midlands. It is exhilarating being back in business.

“Given our experience in the past and the reaction we are getting to the new stores we are convinced that we are meeting a real gap in the market.”

The Grape Tree range includes 79 different dried fruit products, 84 different way of buying nuts, 40 different mixes and 17 seed products. And that is not counting nutrition and energy bars. It also sells a wide range of home baking products including saffron, vanilla pods, herbs and spices as well as a collection of Vintage Candies.

*And yes there is such a thing as a grape tree. It’s a native of Brazil—where it’s called the Jabuticaba—and is prized for producing juicy fruits that not only taste good but are also said to have medicinal qualities. The fruits grow directly on the trunks and branches of the tree. So that’s a delicious fruit that does you good and is easy to get your hands on – just what Grape Tree is all about.

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