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Address: Osborn Road Car Park, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7DW.
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 4.30pm
Telephone: (01329) 28 29 29
Fax: (01329) 28 29 82

Shopmobility Fareham Centre

The centre combines a Shopmobility service with a Carers & Disability centre.

The Fareham Shopmobility service provides mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs to people with limited mobility, enabling them to access Fareham town centre and shop independently.

You do not have to be registered Disabled or have a long-term condition in order to take advantage of this service.

Equipment for long-term loans for holidays or trips is also available for hire.

The Shopmobility and Carers & Disability Centre is run by Community Action Fareham, is located on the ground level of the Osborn Road Multi-Storey car park just past New Look and close to Fareham Library at Fareham Shopping Centre.

The centre is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am until 4.30pm.

The Shopmobility vehicles may be hired by anyone who needs assistance to be independently mobile in the town centre and local area. Members of the service are both young and older people. Advice and Training is given to all users.


Shopmobility offers an annual membership of £7.50.

Thereafter members pay £3.50 to use an electric scooter or power chair and £2.50 for a wheelchair for the day.

You do not need to become an annual member, but may prefer to be a day user and the cost for that is £5.00 for a scooter or power chair and £4.00 to use a wheelchair. They require a form of ID prior to hiring.

As an annual member you also automatically become a Wessex Shopmobility member, which means that you can use the majority of the Shopmobility schemes in the Wessex area. It’s great value!

Shopmobility ~Price increase

From 2nd January 2019

Membership increasing by £2.50 from £7:50 to £10:00


Scooter/Powerchair hire increasing by £1 from £3:50 to £4:50

Manual wheelchair hire  increasing by £1 from £2:50 to £3:50


Long Term Scooter/Powerchair hire increasing by £1 from £5:00 to £6:00

Long Term Manual wheelchair hire  increasing by £1 from £3:50 to £4:50


Casual user  Scooter/Powerchair hire increasing by £1.50 from £5:00 to £6:50

Casual user Manual wheelchair hire  increasing by £1.50 from £4:00 to £5:50

(Please note that the last price increase of daily hire was April 2012.)

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Fareham Shopping Centre
Management Office, 28 Thackeray Mall
Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 0PQ.

Tel: 01329 822 506

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