Fareham Shopping Centre: The first pilot site for Dementia Friendly High Streets Project


FAREHAM Shopping Centre has shown a progressive and pioneering spirit by wholeheartedly backing the pilot scheme to create Dementia Friendly High Streets across Hampshire.

The popular shopping Centre has joined the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance and will be the first pilot site for Dementia Friendly High Streets across Hampshire.

Centre Manager Mike Taylor is an enthusiastic supporter who immediately spotted the potential benefits to the business, as well as the feel-good factor from supporting a worthy cause.

“We have been working hard on our customer service element of delivery and when we were approached to get involved in the pilot scheme we could see it worked for us on a number of levels. The team at Fareham will continue to provide valuable feedback in terms of identifying as yet unforeseen challenges”.

Working with local Area Co-ordinator Diane Bizley and her team of volunteers, Mike has been able to involve staff from the shopping centre and has encouraged stores to find out more too.

“If our staff are more aware of dementia it helps our customers to feel more confident when they shop with us and it is an important part of our customer service delivery, we mean it when we say we care about people” stressed Mike.

Fareham Shopping Centre has 80 big name stores and a range of restaurants and cafes. Each week it welcomes over 140,000 customers in a market town located between Portsmouth and Southampton.

Diane Bizley explained she had so far worked with security, cleaning staff and management team at Fareham Shopping Centre to help them develop a better understanding of dementia – and they are now working with shops both inside and outside the Centre to raise awareness.

On September 4, the day after the official launch of the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance, Diane and her volunteers moved into their new unit at Fareham Shopping Centre where they will encourage people to drop-in and find out more about dementia friendly communities. “It will also be an opportunity for us to listen to what people are telling us about their experiences.

“The unit will be open every Monday from 10am to 12 noon,” she said.

Looking ahead, Fareham Dementia Friendly High Street launch will be in November.

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